Final press release of the 10th edition of SIEE Pollutec 2014

International Trade Show for Water Services, Technology and Equipment
24-27 March 2014 - Oran Convention Centre

6,886 visitors in Oran!

SIEE Pollutec ALGERIA is an international trade show for water services, technology and equipment. The 10th SIEE Pollutec ALGERIA was held from 24 to 27 March 2014 and returned to Oran, Algeria's second largest city and a major magnet for business. For the first time, it was organised to follow on from World Water Day.
This trade show is a Ministry of Water Resources’ initiative that started in 2005, when the ministry wanted to introduce an Algerian trade show for this priority sector. It quickly established itself as an unmissable annual event for everyone working in the profession.
Some 6,886 visitors, mainly from private sector companies – construction, manufacturing, installation (hydraulic engineering), industry, engineering and design offices, administrative bodies and state-owned companies* – came to meet the 258 exhibitors, 55% of whom were state-owned companies and 45% international companies, from 16 countries.

Next year's trade show: 1st quarter 2015

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Pollutec Algeria 2014